OKM Power Pack D/C

OKM Power Pack D/C
OKM Power Pack D/C
OKM Power Pack D/C
OKM Power Pack D/C
  • External power supply: For extension of operating time of selected OKM detectors
  • Compact: Lithium Polymer cell with capacity of 4400 to 4900 mAh
  • Compatible with: Rover C, Rover C II, Rover Deluxe, Cavefinder A + B, Waterfinder, Pulse Nova, Rover C4 (Bluetooth LE), Evolution NTX, Evolution NTX (Bluetooth LE), eXp 6000 - 2021, Fusion Light, Fusion Professional, Fusion Professional Plus
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Our metal detecting accessories are compatible with many metal detectors and are used to optimize the measuring process and support the analysis of the targets.

Our completely redesigned Power Pack for OKM metal detecting instruments is a compact external power supply. The Lithium Polymer cell with high capacity of 4400 mAh keeps your metal detector working – even when you are out in the field far away from civilization.

The Power Pack is equipped with a spiral cable and can be recharged very fast. Due to its very light weight, you can take several Power Packs with you during longer stays in open terrain.

The optional car charger allows the Power Pack to be charged via the car’s cigarette lighter.

Standard Scope of Delivery

Detectors which are operated with the external power supply already contain 1 Power Pack. Optionally, further Power Packs can be added to extend the operating time of your metal detector.

This is necessary when the treasure hunter works in remote areas without access to electricity (e.g. archaeological sites or treasure hunting areas, where there is no way to recharge the power supply.

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Prospeccion de oro natural

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Compatible with OKM detectors:

Power Pack D/C (PP12V3A01)


Pulse induction metal detector OKM Pulse Nova with Search Coil Delta38 Pulse induction metal detector OKM Pulse Nova

OKM Pulse Nova

Detector de Inducción de Pulso y Detector de Oro
Treasure Detector Fusion Light Detector Fusion Light Delivery Scope

OKM Fusion Light

Detector de Metales y Escáner de Suelo 3D para Principiantes
Treasure hunters' favorite Ground Scanner Rover C4 Ground Scanner Rover C4 delivery scope

OKM Rover C4

Detector de Oro y Favorito Absoluto para la Prospeccion de Oro Natural
Professional 3D ground scanner OKM eXp 6000 Professional Plus OKM eXp 6000 Professional Plus

OKM eXp 6000 Professional Plus

El mejor detector con varios modos, incluido el escaneo vertical y horizontal
Metal Detector Evolution NTX Delivery scope of metal detector Evolution NTX

OKM Evolution NTX

Detector de Metales y 3D Ground Scanner con Bobina VLF
OKM Delta Ranger Light OKM Delta Ranger Light - Delivery Scope #4312

OKM Delta Ranger

Detector de tesoros con varios modos de exploración (largo alcance, exploración térmica, exploración 3D del suelo)
3D ground scanner eXp 6000 Professional OKM eXp 6000 Professional

OKM eXp 6000 Professional

Detector de Oro con Rango de Profundidad de hasta 25m (82 ft)
OKM Rover UC OKM Rover UC

OKM Rover UC

Detector de Metales disfrazado de Bastón de Trekking con Smartwatch
OKM Fusion Professional Plus OKM Fusion Professional Plus

OKM Fusion Professional Plus

Detector de Metales con Detección Live Stream
Metal Detector Fusion Professional OKM Fusion Professional

OKM Fusion Professional

Detector de Metales con Bobina SRIS
OKM Gepard GPR 3D OKM Gepard GPR 3D delivery scope

OKM Gepard GPR 3D

Radar de Penetración en el Suelo con rendimiento de profundidad hasta 40 m (132 ft)
OKM GeoSeeker Mini OKM GeoSeeker Mini water detector

OKM GeoSeeker Mini

Detector de Agua hasta Profundidades de 100 m (328 ft)
OKM GeoSeeker OKM GeoSeeker

OKM GeoSeeker

Detector de Agua hasta 250 m (820 ft) de Profundidad
OKM 3D Ground Navigator OKM 3D Ground Navigator

OKM 3D Ground Navigator

Detector de metales y escáner 3D de suelo - disponibles en exclusiva en OKM Emirates
Fortuna XELA Fortuna XELA

Fortuna XELA

Puntero para localizar fácilmente pequeños objetos metálicos cerca de la superficie

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