Mastering Treasure Hunting – 5 Steps to Success with OKM Detectors

We show you how to detect buried target objects
down to 82 ft (25 m) depth.

Are you ready to uncover long-time buried treasures hidden beneath your feet? Look no further than OKM's premium detectors – designed, engineered and handmade in Germany. Enhance your treasure hunting experience with confidence, equipped with the following 5 simple, but essential steps to success:

#1 Select the Right Detector

Step 1: Chose the Right Detector
Start your quest by choosing the perfect detector for your search. OKM offers a range of premium detectors with the latest ground scan technology. With detectors made in Germany, you can rely on the quality and precision.

#2 Scan the Site Where You Expect a Treasure

Step 2: Scan the Site Where You Expect a Treasure
Once equipped with your OKM detector, it's time to scan the area where you expect a treasure. Explore the depths with exceptional resolution using OKM 3D ground scanners.

#3 Analyze the Scan and Find Anomalies

Step 3: Analyze the Scan and Find Anomalies
As you scan the area, keep an eye out for anomalies in your scan. OKM detectors are designed to detect even the smallest signals, allowing you to locate potential treasure hotspots very easily.

#4 Localize the Treasure in Your Scan Field and Determine its Size

Step 4: Localize the Treasure in Your Scan Field and Determine its Size
OKM's advanced technology allows you to locate buried target objects and find deep buried artifacts within your scan field. Visualize buried targets and structures in 3D and accurately determine their size.

#5 Determine the Depth and Excavate Your Treasure

Step 5: Determine the Depth and Excavate Your Treasure
It's time to unearth your long-awaited treasure, knowing the depth of your target. OKM detectors offer impressive detection depth capabilities, reaching depths down to 82 ft (25 m). Rely on OKM's 3D ground scanners and high quality metal detectors to deliver the best depth performance and ensure that no treasure remains out of reach.

Discover relics and vaults with OKM 3D Ground Scanners –
engineered and handmade in Germany.

Find Real Treasures: See into the Ground with OKM

Don't settle for average detectors when you can experience the unrivaled performance of OKM's professional ground scanners. Join the world's most successful treasure hunters and unearth your own piece of history by using leading detectors made in Germany. Trust in certified and world-leading underground detectors by OKM – founded in 1998.

Phoenician glass mosaic bowl found with Rover UC in Middle East
Metal detector eXp 6000 discovers ancient coin treasure in Iran
Treasure hunters find great treasure with ground scanner OKM Evolution
Medieval Artifacts Found with Future I-160 in Iran
Gold Coins Detected with Bionic X4
Golden Artifacts Detected at 20 ft (6 m) Depth with eXp 6000
Rover UC Detects 500-Year-Old Silver Ingot in China
Byzantine Gold Coin Detected with Fusion Pro Plus
Artifacts Detected with OKM eXp 6000 in 30 ft (9 m) Depth
Golden Jewelry Found with OKM Evolution in the Near East
eXp 6000 locates ancient bronze vase in more than 4 m depth
Golden Plate Detected in Iran with Bionic X4
3D metal detector eXp 4000 detects golden figurines and seal stamps
Precious bridle detected with Rover Deluxe
Cavefinder locates greek artefacts in the Ukraine
Silver Coins detected with Ground Scanner Rover C II in the Sechura Desert (Peru)
Treasure Hunter Finds Bronze Artifacts with eXp 4000 in Iran
Detector eXp 3000 Discovered Guerilla Gold from WWII

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