Celebrating 20 years of Future Series

January 04, 2018

It is now 20 years ago that the first metal detector of the Future Series was created by Mr. Andreas Krauss, one of today's owners and general managers of OKM. He started his manufacturing activities in 1998 as one-man business in a warehouse in Chemnitz, Germany. There he developed his first 3D ground scanner: the Future 2000. Mr. Krauss is an enthusiastic treasure hunter himself but was not happy with the metal detector performance that were available back then.

Metal detector Future 2000
Metal detector Future 2000: The very first metal detector of the Future Series back in 1998.
Future 2003/5
Future 2003/5: Improved metal detector with stabilized antenna.

After the Future 2000 was released in 1998 additional detectors like Future 2001, Future 2003 and Future 2004 joined the Future Series. All those detectors were able to send live scan data to a connected computer to visualize underground treasures immediately in colorful images. This live scan feature was an important improvement that generated a lot of attention around the world. In addition Mr. Krauss visited many trade fairs like the treasure hunters meeting in Roellbach and presented his new inventions to interested treasure hunters, gold seekers and even archaeologists. Also TV stations and public broadcasters reported about the new generation of metal detectors.


Founding OKM and developing multi-sensor technology

Later in 2001 he met his today's business partner Mr. Ingolf Mueller and the company OKM GbR (a BGB company) was founded. The increased demand for OKM metal detectors pushed the company to its limits and additional people were hired to fulfill all orders. Additionally OKM was experimenting with multi-sensor technologies and they finally built the Future 2005 and the Future I-160 which were able to record measure data from parallel sensor arrays. Due to more scan data it was also possible to integrate first live streaming features.

Future 2005
Future 2005: The Future 2005 was OKM's first metal detector with 8 parallel sensors. This detector was able to bring live streaming data directly onto the screen.
Future I-160
Future I-160: With an array of 16 sensors the Future I-160 is a real data collector and was used for industrial applications like pipeline detection.

Only one year later, in 2002, OKM GbR changed its legal form to OKM GmbH (a Limited Liability Company). During this time OKM established a growing distribution and dealer network to promote its metal detectors, 3D ground scanners and cavity detectors on a wider international basis.

The next years were used to develop user friendly earth imagers and ground scanners like the Localizer 3000, eXp 3000, eXp 4000 and eXp 5000. All those detectors consisted of integrated processing units with color display to show recorded data right on screen while scanning the underground soil. The last-mentioned ground scanner, the eXp 5000, was equipped with video eye glasses, another unique feature no one else used before. Thus the images of hidden treasures and lost artifacts were created right in front of the user's eyes.

Earth Imager Localizer 3000
Earth Imager Localizer 3000: OKM's first ground scanner with embedded processing unit and color display to „see“ underground structures and objects without any additional computer or laptop.
3d ground scanner eXp 5000
3D ground scanner eXp 5000: OKM's first ground scanner with video eye glasses and integrated GPS technology. Also the sensor technology was improved a lot.


Establishing a subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates

In 2006, OKM established its subsidiary OKM Emirates FZE in the Sharjah Freezone, United Arab Emirates. In that way OKM was able to support its growing number of customers living in the Middle East countries.

Over the last two decades OKM developed and implemented many different kind of metal detectors, 3D ground scanners, water detectors and ground penetrating radars with manifold features:

Even for industrial purposes OKM is developing specialized detectors. There is Gepard GPR, a ground penetrating radar to detect underground utilities, tunnels and caves. Another product is GeoSeeker, a water detector to find underground water resources. Furthermore it can detect hidden caves and tunnels.

Gepard GPR
Gepard GPR: The ground penetrating radar with OKM's unique triangular antennas creates 3D images of the underground.
GeoSeeker: The geo-electrical detector that measures ground resistivity to detect hidden caves, tunnels and water resources.

Over the past years, OKM developed a wide variety of different geophysical detectors, each one for its special purpose. On the basis of the famous Future detectors the first OKM metal detector in 2018 will be the Future 2018.


Introducing the Anniversary Edition: Future 2018

After 20 years of additional developments and improvements we are happy to announce our newest metal detector and 3D ground scanner - the Future 2018. The Future 2018 is our special Anniversary Edition to inspire more treasure hunters and detectorists to start using 3D ground scanners for their daily work. Therefor the new OKM detector is affordable for everyone and helps to step in into the awesome field of 3D metal detecting and treasure hunting.

Future 2018 Anniversary Edition
Future 2018 Anniversary Edition: The new detector can be used in vertical and horizontal scan mode by simply turning the probe into the desired position.
Future 2018 with 3D software
Future 2018 with 3D software: All scan data is sent wireless to a connected Tablet PC with the OKM software Visualizer 3D.

With this special Anniversary Edition we like to say 'Thank you' to all our customers, distributors, business partners and all treasure hunters, gold seekers and adventurer out there, who are seeking the lost secrets of our past.

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