Treasure Detection with OKM Fusion Series

Enter a new dimension of treasure hunting with the 3D ground scanners of our Fusion series: Fusion Light, Professional and Professional Plus allow treasure hunters, archaeologists and geotechnical engineers to detect buried structures like treasure chests and artifacts as well as metal objects like coins, jewelry and militaria.

  • Compact design for convenient handling
  • Achieve fast success thanks to easy operation
  • Detect objects and structures down to 69 ft (21 m) depth
  • Analyze scans with included detection software Visualizer 3D Studio

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ground scanner Fusion Light with smartphone App

Fusion Light, the compact treasure detector for beginners and treasure hunters with small budget, convinces with easy operation via Smartphone App.

With the operating mode Magnetometer, anomalies in the magnetic field are immediately visualized on the smartphone display. In this way, potential finds and ferrous objects can be detected very easily.

With 3D Ground Scan treasure hunters are able to visualize potential targets on the smartphone. These more accurate scan images can be further analyzed with the software Visualizer 3D Studio.

3D ground scanner Fusion Light operating mode Magnetometer
3D ground scanner Fusion Light operating mode 3D Ground Scan

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3D ground scanner Fusion Professional operating mode 3D Ground Scan

Like the entry-level treasure detector Fusion Light, the Professional edition offers the operating modes Live Sound (Magnetometer) and 3D Ground Scan.

Locate metallic objects close to the surface with the Fusion Professional Probe with integrated SRIS Coil. This inductive search coil an be activated manually by the user.

ground scanner Fusion Professional inductive search coil

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3D ground scanner Fusion Pro Plus scan with horizontal probe

The Professional Plus Probe can be used in vertical orientation and attached to the Telescopic Rod also in horizontal orientation. You may adjust the height of the Telescopic Rod for a more convenient handling.

In horizontal orientation, the integrated Multi-Sensor technology allows to scan a target area even faster.

Besides 3D Ground Scan and Live Sound (Magnetometer), the Fusion Professional Plus provides the operating mode Live Scan.

ground scanner Fusion Professional Plus horizontal Live Scan
Horizontal Live Scan

Depending on the probe orientation, Live Scan is visualized as 2D representation (horizontal probe) or similar to ultrasound images (vertical probe).

ground scanner Fusion Professional Plus vertical Live Scan
Vertical Live Scan

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OKM Fusion Light
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OKM Fusion
Professional Plus
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Control Unit / Probe
Integrated SRIS Search Coil
Probe Orientation vertical
Smartphone with OKM Android App
Windows Notebook
Software Visualizer 3D Studio Standard Edition Standard Edition Professional Edition
Software Licenses included 1 4 4
Operating Modes 3D Ground Scan

3D Ground Scan
Live Sound (Magnetometer)

3D Ground Scan
Live Sound (Magnetometer)
Live Scan (Multi-Sensor)
Live Scan ('Ultrasound')
Height-adjustable Telescopic Rod
Waterproof and shockresistant Protector Case
Bluetooth headphones
Charger and Travel Adapter
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Treasure Detector Fusion Light Detector Fusion Light Delivery Scope

OKM Fusion Light

Metal Detector and 3D Ground Scanner for Entry-Level Detectorists
OKM Fusion Professional OKM Fusion Professional

OKM Fusion Professional

Metal Detector with SRIS Coil
OKM Fusion Professional Plus OKM Fusion Professional Plus

OKM Fusion Professional Plus

Metal Detector with Live Scan Detection
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